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- tyson beckford

All of that changed about 5 years ago when I had one of those life changing circumstances we will get to later. Ever since, I have decided to take care of this ONE body that I was gifted. It's been so rewarding that I'm on a mission to help others do the same.

"The progress I made from an online class with Brynn far exceeds anything I've accomplished in more traditional spaces."

- Rebecca Lowe

This reproof effectually silenced us both for the rest of the evening. Nay, indeed, for some minutes it seemed to silence every body else; till Mr. Lovel, not willing to lose an opportunity of returning the Captain's sarcasm, said, "Why, really Sir, it is but natural

"Brynn made it easy to finally adapt a self care program so that I can become more productive in my life and business."


Not a village but has its barns and comedians; and as for the stage business, why it may be pretty equally done any where; and even in regard to us, and the canaille, confined as we all are within the semi-circle of a theatre, there is no place where the distinction.

"I am finally pushing myself to new levels with my practice that I didn't think were possible before I met Coach Brynn."